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The multiethnic customs, abundant panoramic terrains, thoughtful heritage roots all along with the most energetic & elegant architectural creativity – provide a very safe environment for someone to come to and visit USA. You may vary in your purposes for applying USA visitor visa. As foreign visitors, one would need to get an authorization before coming to USA.

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Your reasons of visiting USA may vary very accordingly as one of the below. We would greatly make sure the best services provided to you.

Types of Visitor Visas

Visitor visa is a type of non-immigrant visa that someone, wanting to come to USA, seeks to obtain on a temporary basis.

Visiting Visa

Your intention may fall upon the tourist, visiting friend/ family member or attending any social event purposes (visa category B-2)

Business Visa

You may be visiting USA for any medical treatment. It may also be your business visa (visa category B-1) or there may also be a combination of both your (B-1/B-2) visas.

Spouse & Parent Visa

Those, who are married to USA citizens and now seeking an admission to USA or those parents, who have their US citizen children, may seek their permission in USA

Official Visit Visa

As government representatives, diplomats, employees of foreign organizations.

Religious/Charitable Workers

epresentatives of communal groups, NGOs, religious groups.

Crewmember Visa

Those wanting to enter the USA as a crewmember on water vessels or aircrafts.

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