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Visiting United Kingdom would require you to seek a permission that would grant you a leave to enter and stay in for a particular period of time. Basically, it is your core purpose of visiting UK that would mainly define the type of visa you require. A visitor is entitled to have a six-month visiting period maximally. Staying for more than six months would further need you to go for another visa arrangements.

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Types of Visitor Visas

Visitor visa permits you to stay in United Kingdom for a certain amount of time.

Travel and visiting friends

If you are visiting UK to visit your friends or as a tourist, the General Visitor/Child Visitor (category) is appropriate for you. It covers both who are above 18 years and those who are below 18 years as candidates. You need to have your itinerary and accommodation arranged before reaching over there. You are not legally allowed to work during your stay in UK.

Visiting as a family (relative)

If you are entering UK to visit your family members or relatives, you require asking for the permission under a Family Visitor or a Child Visitor category. An overall granting of your visa solely depends on reasons of your visits, numbers of supporting documents and the finance self-sufficiency, along with other details including your accommodation & travel arrangements as well.

Visiting as a businessperson

If you want to visit UK – in support of your business you want to establish in your country, which has a connection to UK or your new venture you wish to institute in UK being an entrepreneur – the prior UK visit may be needed to gather information & further details. Businesspersons, sooner-to-be entrepreneurs, educational visitors or visitors for allowed paid arrangements fall under this category.

Visiting for study

On a study visitor visa, you can apply for a period of 6 months to 11 months. You cannot work during your total stay. If you have your child (under 12 years) studying in UK or you have a study plan for him/her in UK, as a parent you can apply for your stay to accompany them, as longer as granted to you.

Visiting as a sportsperson

If you are planning to take part in any sport events organized in UK, this visa helps you to get through it. This visa also assists you in undertaking a permitted paid involvement. This may include lecturers, examiners and assessors in relevant fields.

Visiting as an Artist

Mainly, it covers entertainment and art professionals. The Entertainer Visa covers those who want to come to UK for performing or taking a part in an audition or sort of activities. Art festivals, music concerts, charitable events and event organizers come under this category.

Other reasons

Those, who marry or schedule civil partnerships in UK, can seek for this visa. This category covers sort of spousal dependent visa. If you are on any medical treatment and require further aid in UK, you can pursue coming to UK under such visa.

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