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Whether you are a tourist or an entrepreneur, visiting Canada requires you to seek a permission to enter and stay in Canada for a specific time. Your intention going to Canada would probably outline the sort of visa you opt for, along with necessary documents required. On being granted this visa, you can stay in Canada as long as six months maximally. Any visitor, wanting to stay further for more than six, should apply for another kind of visa.

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Various Types of Visitor Visa

Visiting your family members

Whether you want to enter Canada with an intention to visit your family fellows, this visa is appropriate for you. This includes a visa category called super visas that cover parents and grandparents, visiting their children or grandchildren, who are Canadian citizens. The validity of Super Visa is 10 years, and the candidates can stay in Canada as many as two consecutive years, without a need of updating their visa status.

Visiting as a traveler

To the tourist, Canada has many opportunities to offer. Its slick feels of geographical beauty attract millions of visitors every year to Canada. As a traveler, you need to go with a particular purpose with regard to the places or persons you are to visit. This arrangement probably requires you to prove proper documentations, finance sufficiency to prove your successful stay and strong ties to your home country. The travel plan should include your stay in Canada along with other basic needs for necessary living.

Visiting as a businessman

With thousands of business prospects emerging in Canada, countless entrepreneurs frequently plan their official visits to Canada. Whether you are an investor, seeking for an advanced trading term with Canadian companies or simply searching of any growing chance, this visa suits to you. Your purpose may vary from attending the meetings, symposiums to any professional fairs. As a businessperson, you need to pursue temporary resident visa to visit Canada. Again, all you need to look after is your legal travel document, sufficient monetary arrangement and security checks along with all your genuine visiting purpose.

Other Purposes

Either of the spouses, who are married or in civil partnership in Canada, should seek for visiting Canada. Furthermore, all patients pursuing any medical help or treatment in Canada can apply for visiting visa. Any governmental authority or officials, who want to visit Canada for administrative reasons, can seek this visa.

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