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Very Indeed! The Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada is a great opportunity for many of us to live, work, study and relish upon the tremendous lifestyle Canada has to offer all. Economically being one of the most powerful countries, Canada has ever been the most coveted destination for immigrants. Culturally rich, scenically beautiful and socially the most thriving and peaceful, certainly Canada is!

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Given are the main advantages that the immigrants can enjoy in Canada:

Benefits of Canada Migration
  • The main advantage of emigrating to Canada is to achieve the right to work and live anywhere at one’s convenience. Canadian Government offers many benefits including free school education to children likely up to 11th grade (with subsidized study thereafter) and medical services under certain conditions provided to immigrants.
  • The immigrants can move to Canada with their dependents that may include their spouse and children. Canada immigration is basically the whole family immigration altogether thus far. For other family members, this country is open to visit accounting necessary entry permits.
  • On arrival in Canada, the new immigrants can also avail great assistance from Canadian local authority pointing out adequate information on a successful settlement in the country. Some authorized Immigration and Employment service center provide assistance regarding the employment, housing, language support or cultural integration.
  • In case of unemployment at initial stages, the local government also adds in financial support to strugglers; again in consideration with actual criteria. In case of job loss, a person can get unemployment benefits from local authority too. A family with lower income may be provided with subsidized house too. Child benefits are awesome. The parents with child/children can enjoy special provision of advantages.
  • The immigrants with permanent residency (PR)/citizenship can also file sponsorship for other family members including brothers, sisters to permanently come to Canada. All new immigrants can avail similar benefits that the local Canadians are entitled with. Once the permanent residents spend three years in Canada, they are officially privileged to get the Canadian Citizenship thereafter.
  • Until the child is around 6 years, he or she will get some financial aids from government. And until the child reaches to 18, they also get some tax exemptions depending upon their income. There is about a year of maternity leave provided to mother.
  • A person can avail extra benefits of further study in Canada to upgrade the skills required to fulfill necessary job posts. Once the citizenship is granted, the immigrants can enjoy studying, working and even moving to different territories of Canada, the neighboring country (USA) as well as (as per varying rules) going to around 100 countries without visiting visa.
  • Most importantly, when it comes to finding a job locally, there will be less difficulties in getting it. Because, you go to Canada on the basis of job skills that are actually required by local Canadian provinces. After an initial cultural adaptation, one can enjoy working in their original marketplaces. With every time passage being spent in Canada, a person would ever feel getting more and more confident; living their life to the fullest.

Planning to immigrate to Canada and confused with the benefits and lack with the enough knowledge, do not worry, read below to gain all the information that you always wanted to know about Canada immigration.

The VISA depends on the purpose of visiting in the other country, whether it is study related or work related. Short-term, visas are given to the aspirants to work for a limited time of period, then they will have to apply for the permanent visas.

Short term VISA is good for many aspirants who just want to work for a limited time. But for those who want to settle in the CANADA must apply for the new permanent VISA immediately when the short term VISA expiration date is near.

As a permanent resident, you have the same right as the citizen. To give you a few example, read below;
  • Equal treatment and equal protection.
  • Presume innocent until proven guilty, and an interpreter in the courtroom.
  • If you fit, you can enter and exit Canada, and also move region to region.
  • Work anywhere and in preferred streams in the Canada, but denied from holding some high-security government positions.
  • Fewer of above mentioned benefits are applicable to temporary resident also, but there are some social service benefits that are specially designed for to help permanent residents and citizens of Canada.
  • Many of the medical expenses are covered
  • Free education for the children under 18 years
  • Maternity and Parental leave as per the Canadian rule
  • No need for spouse (depended) to appear for IELTS compulsory like Australia.
  • Government will provide 50% education fees to your kids up to 18 years even father/ mother/ Principal
  • Applicant stay in India. So no need to pay for your child to pay money. Education allowance of 500 Cad $ per month.
  • Free medical in government hospitals.
  • To work in above fields in Canada. No prior registration requirements for M.B.B.S, M.D, Nurse
  • Physiotherapist, teachers and other professions required to go for registration exams in India like its required in Australia Migration.
  • Unemployment insurance of 1100 Cad $ to you or spouse if you are unemployed or doing study after 6 to 8 months of arrival.
  • If studding as P.R holder you need to pay ¼ fees compare to international students.
  • P.R Card (allows you to stay up 3 years in India out of 5 years).
  • Allow you to work in US if have job offer. So person who interested to work in US in a most economical and legal route to go in U.S. under NAFTA Agreement. ( T N visa)
  • No visitor visa required to take after you become citizen (i.e. 4 years) means on arrival visa.
  • As per new policy in SUPER VISA parents are allowed to come up to 10 years & Applicant can sponsor parents for PR visa after becoming citizen.
  • You are qualifying for the Pension Allowance if you are Aged 60.
  • Brother, sister, uncle and aunt of applicant will have to score 67 points as 5 bonus, Points of yourself if will be given to their application so need to score only 62 points.

After you reach the age of 65- which is retirement age, you are eligible for the following which is designed specifically for the permanent resident;
  • Old Age Security
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Canada Pension Plan

Besides, you become a Canadian citizen after three years of living and working in Canada as a Permanent Resident.
  • Benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen;
  • Eligible to run for political office
  • Participate in political activities
  • Right to vote in the elections

In addition, there are yet many reasons why Canada is cheerily famous for and becomes one of the most desirable places for Immigration. CAN Consultants ensures you an ever excellent visa assistance and counseling.

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