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Australia PR Visa Consultants in Ahmedabad
You become a permanent and legal resident of Australia and you can travel unlimited times to and from Australia.

You can enjoy the permanent Visa for the initial 5 years only, and needs to be applied again from either Australia or any other Country. When you receive the permanent VISA that you applied after the 5 year completion, you become a permanent resident of Australia and have following rights:
  • Freedom to study in preferred Australian University and choose favorite subject.
  • Eligible to get an education loan.
  • Unlimited work permit and freedom to choose the employer, other than public service and armed forces.
  • The industrial law is same for the citizens as well as Permanent residents and can become a part of trade unions and can claim for worker’s compensation.
  • Processing time (within 6 to 8 months).
  • Free Education to your kid up to 18 years. Free Medical in Government hospital. Receive social.
  • Security benefits like and student benefits that are offered by Australia’s social security departments.
  • Unemployment insurance to you and spouse if you are unemployed or doing study.
  • No visitor visa required to take after you become citizen (i.e. 4 years) means on arrival visa.
  • Permanent residents have various options to choose when it comes to University education at ¼
  • Cost compare to international students.
  • One can sponsor parents (both applicant and spouse’s) once became citizen in Australia.
  • No bank balance required to show in Australia PR. (Bank balance is required to show in SRS
  • Category. E- Visa processing.
Other than the above mentioned benefits, there are few rules that permanent residents need to take under their understanding:

They must hold for 2 years to get the benefit of social security. The social security covers, sickness, unemployment and student benefits, these are offered by the Australia’s Social Security Department.

However, they can enjoy the health care benefit.

New Zealand government offers trips to the Australia PR people. However, we help you get New Zealand VISA as well so that you can enjoy unlimited trips to that country.

After becoming the permanent resident, you can help your relatives and friends easily to migrate to your new country under our guidance.
Canada PR Benefits
Planning to immigrate to Canada and confused with the benefits and lack with the enough knowledge, do not worry, read below to gain all the information that you always wanted to know about Canada immigration.

The VISA depends on the purpose of visiting in the other country, whether it is study related or work related. Short-term, visas are given to the aspirants to work for a limited time of period, then they will have to apply for the permanent visas.

Short term VISA is good for many aspirants who just want to work for a limited time. But for those who want to settle in the CANADA must apply for the new permanent VISA immediately when the short term VISA expiration date is near.

As a permanent resident, you have the same right as the citizen. To give you a few example, read below;
  • Equal treatment and equal protection.
  • Presume innocent until proven guilty, and an interpreter in the courtroom.
  • If you fit, you can enter and exit Canada, and also move region to region.
  • Work anywhere and in preferred streams in the Canada, but denied from holding some high-security government positions.
  • Fewer of above mentioned benefits are applicable to temporary resident also, but there are some social service benefits that are specially designed for to help permanent residents and citizens of Canada.
  • Many of the medical expenses are covered
  • Free education for the children under 18 years
  • Maternity and Parental leave as per the Canadian rule
  • No need for spouse (depended) to appear for IELTS compulsory like Australia.
  • Government will provide 50% education fees to your kids up to 18 years even father/ mother/ Principal
  • Applicant stay in India. So no need to pay for your child to pay money. Education allowance of 500 Cad $ per month.
  • Free medical in government hospitals.
  • To work in above fields in Canada. No prior registration requirements for M.B.B.S, M.D, Nurse
  • Physiotherapist, teachers and other professions required to go for registration exams in India like its required in Australia Migration.
  • Unemployment insurance of 1100 Cad $ to you or spouse if you are unemployed or doing study after 6 to 8 months of arrival.
  • If studding as P.R holder you need to pay ¼ fees compare to international students.
  • P.R Card (allows you to stay up 3 years in India out of 5 years).
  • Allow you to work in US if have job offer. So person who interested to work in US in a most economical and legal route to go in U.S. under NAFTA Agreement. ( T N visa)
  • No visitor visa required to take after you become citizen (i.e. 4 years) means on arrival visa.
  • As per new policy in SUPER VISA parents are allowed to come up to 10 years & Applicant can sponsor parents for PR visa after becoming citizen.
  • You are qualifying for the Pension Allowance if you are Aged 60.
  • Brother, sister, uncle and aunt of applicant will have to score 67 points as 5 bonus, Points of yourself if will be given to their application so need to score only 62 points.
After you reach the age of 65- which is retirement age, you are eligible for the following which is designed specifically for the permanent resident;
  • Old Age Security
  • Guaranteed Income Supplement
  • Canada Pension Plan
Besides, you become a Canadian citizen after three years of living and working in Canada as a Permanent Resident.
  • Benefits of becoming a Canadian citizen;
  • Eligible to run for political office
  • Participate in political activities
  • Right to vote in the elections
Denmark PR Benefits
If you want to move Denmark to work on temporary VISA or Permanent VISA, no place other than CAN consultant can help you better in getting what to want.
Visa process to migrate to Denmark depends on the following categories;
  • Work
  • Student
  • Family green card
  • Visit
The immigration green card helps you get permanent residency in Denmark, but after certain qualification test. The applicant must score the necessary points, in order to acquire the Visa. The points are given after assessing the English test (Student VISA) skill, work experience (Work VISA/ resettle).
  • As a permanent resident work anywhere in the European Union
  • No VISA required to visit Schengen Zone countries
  • Work anywhere in all European Union countries
  • A Permanent resident permit is received in 7 years, till then you can work on temporary VISA.
  • Your family has the same right as you. You can come with the applicant and acquire the same right and work and live in the Denmark.
  • Permanent Resident gets grant in social activities like in aid, buy property and children gain right to get free higher education
  • Green card Scheme Denmark is a unique program, which helps eligible highly skilled foreign
  • workers and professionals to obtain residence and work permit of Denmark (Europe).
  • Denmark Citizen and permanent residents can work anywhere in the European Union.
  • Green card holders will be able to travel free to all schengen Zone countries.
  • Permanent Residence permit Status would entitle the immigrants to work in all European Union Countries.
  • Green card gives right to a foreigner to get Citizenship status in 7 years
  • The rights of main applicant are also given to his family members.
  • Danish Government encourages a family to come along with a foreigner and even gives additional right to work and live in Denmark.
  • After getting permanent residence permit , a foreigner can enjoy social benefits of being Danish and get grants in aid, buy property and
  • children gain right to get free higher education.
  • Together with main applicant, their family members will also be allowed to settle in the Denmark and to obtain permanent residence.
United Kingdom Immigration visa
A degree acquired from UK Universities are worth of honors. Historically, most talented and intellectual people are from one of the UK universities.

Immigration visa process for UK
Students who want to study in UK, must fulfill these following requirements and score 40 points in total;
  • To Study in UK, a valid authentication of acceptance from a Tier 4 sponsor with 30 points.
  • Enough money which can cover both course and living. Technically speaking, maintenance or funds- 10 points
English Requirements
Student who wish to study in UK colleges must pass IELTS with minimum 5.0 to 5.5 score for college and 6.0 to 6.5 for the University.

Why Can Consultants?
“CAN Consultants” is Ahmedabad based immigration consultants who understand the frustrations and difficulties associated with the initial resident and permanent resident. The aim of our company is to simplify the PR process for our clients. We assist and guide through the immigration process for the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Denmark
  • UK
Our expert advisors handle the governmental PR policies and temporary resident policies of both the countries; current and future during the change.

One more benefit to ask for our consultancy is that, as a client you are always updated with the new information regarding the status.

If you are looking for a student VISA to study in big universities and institutes in UK like Oxford, Cambridge, the University of Nottingham and many other top notch institutes, then Can Consultants will give its 100% to fulfill all the document requirement, departure Services, and post landing services.

Also after the course completion, if you plan to settle down and search the job in the same country then we also offer job counseling and permanent residence assistance.

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