The Danish Green Card scheme allows you to live and work in Denmark if you can score enough points based upon criteria such as age, language skills, work experience, and education. If you score at least 100 points, you can obtain a residence permit valid for up to three years. In addtion, you will be able to bring your immediate family along.

Denmark is a small country with an area of 43.094 km2. It is located in the north of Europe and has a population of 5.4 million people, not being therefore highly populated. Some of the area consists in islands (407 in total). The weather is cold and wet all over the country with average temperatures of 3º in winter and 15º in summer. It normally rains throughout the year.
Denmark is a constitutional monarchy and joined the European Union in 1973. By referendum they decided not to merge to the Euro in 2000. The official language is Danish, although English is widely spoken.
As a highly developed country, Denmark benefits of all kind of infrastructures such like roads, trains, airports, telecommunications, but also hospitals, financial institutions, etc. 
Denmark boasts of its high standard of living, the 9th in the world. Also its GDP (gross domestic product) per head is the 7th in the world. The economic foundations are the services (76%) and Industry (21%).

Why work in Denmark
  • World’s happiest country
  • World’s honest country
  • Net wages rate are very high other than EU countries
  • Free education for children
  • People speak English
  • Unemployment only 2%
  • Low housing cost
  • Low crime rate

Denmark facts

  • Location : - Northern Europe, bordering the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, on a peninsula north of Germany (Jutland); also includes two major islands (Sjaelland and Fyn)
  • Climate : - temperate, humid and overcast, mild, windy winters and cool summers Literacy
  • Capital : - Copenhagen
  • Average cost of living : - USD 2,300 per month (avg.)
  • Average wage : - USD 3,200 per month (avg.)
  • Average Savings : - USD 900 per month
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