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Can Consultants

Can Consultants is a leading student, PR, work permit and spouse visa consultants in Ahmedabad. We are established since 1999 and we have helped 10,000+ candidates to visas in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and USA. We have two consulting offices in Navarangpura and Maninagar area in Ahmedabad.

Course Counseling

Can Consultants is a student visa consultants in Ahmedabad although we are expert course counsellors and provide help and assistance to get you a place in the right University. They are active immigration visa consultant in Ahmedabad for several countries like America, New Zealand, Canada Australia and more. Furthermore they have a database of educational institutes and Universities as well. These make it easier for them to provide course counseling to all students.

College Admissions

Can Consultants are also actively involved in helping the students obtain admission into the right university. With a wide range of options in several countries it is almost certain that you will find a course of your interest.

Why Can Consultants?

Can Consultants is one of the best immigration visa consultant firm in Ahmedabad Gujarat India. They have the ability to perform good research in all fields of study. This puts them in a good position to give the correct advice to the students regarding the right course to pick and which University is best for that. Beside which their extensive knowledge and 17+ years of experience with the matters pertaining to immigration, helps them guide the students with their visas.

Job Counselling

Can Consultants are also actively involved other services like job counselling are in a good position to help you with your job requirements. Can Consultants have been providing these services since quite a while. They have witnessed some ups and downs in the global market and also aware of how this affects the job market, the students traveling to other countries for education and even those wishing to migrate. Besides which they have a highly qualified team with plenty of resources at their disposal to help you with your problems or requirements.

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